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Apple Mac Repair

Screen Replacement

Impact damage is very common on MacBooks due to their thin profile. We can replace a screen in a few hours, assuming we have the parts in stock.

Battery Replacement

MacBook batteries degrade over time, we recommend a new battery at 750 cycles (roughly 3 years).

Batteries can also expand under certain conditions, if you notice your trackpad is not clicking or the bottom case is expanding then it will require immediate replacement.

Regular Servicing & Data Backups

Apple MacBook Computers are expensive but they are an investment that outperforms the longevity of any PC. We recommend that a regular service and diagnostic is performed to ensure there is no dust build up over the fan & logicboard, all software/security patches are up to date and a data backup protocol is in place.

Liquid Damage

Water, coffee or even wine is no good on a Mac, initially, just the keyboard might play up, if left longer without repair it can seep and oxidase onto the logicboard and other components. 

If you spill liquid on your MacBook turn if off immediately and get it in to us for a diagnostic.

Repair Quote

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