PROMATE MagGrip 360 Cradleless Foldable Magnetic Ring Smartphone

$59.90 inc. GST

PROMATE MagGrip 360 Cradleless Foldable Magnetic Ring Smartphone


PROMATE MagGrip 360 Cradleless Foldable Magnetic Ring Smartphone Holder. Designed for Dashboard & Windshield. Metal Ring Included. Perfect for All Phones & Cases.

Discover the convenience of MagHoop-HG, the ultra-compact car phone mount featuring quick magnetic alignment with N52 magnets for a secure hold during every journey. With a 50% smaller design, this car mount ensures a compact and secure fit without compromising space. The 360° rotatable design provides flexible positioning for optimal viewing angles, promoting anti-distraction driving. The foldable mount allows for easy adjustment, and the cradleless design supports portrait and landscape modes. Embrace a stylish touch with the magnetic ring design that complements your smartphone and enhances your car’s interior. Upgrade your driving experience with MagHoop-HG.

MagGrip™ Mount with Sophisticated Ring Design: MagHoop-HG boasts a distinctive magnetic ring design that complements your smartphone, adding a touch of sophistication to your car’s interior. The unique and impressive design of this stylish phone holder makes you stand out from the crowd.
Phone Holder with N52 Magnetic Alignment: Say goodbye to fumbling hassles; MagHoop-HG features perfectly aligned N52 magnets that effortlessly snap onto your devices, ensuring a secure hold through any terrain. MagHoop-HG produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold up your device securely while allowing you to drive without distraction.
360-degree Rotatable and Cradleless Design: The cradleless design coupled with a rotatable base provides infinite viewing angles. This provides a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience in your car or anywhere else you choose to position it, allowing you to stay up to date with alerts, watch media, or conduct video calls.
Foldable and Adjustment for Convenience: The arm of this car mount features a foldable joint that allows you to adjust your device to a position that suits your viewing convenience. MagHoop-HG can be placed on the windshield or the dashboard without the fear of falling off even in rough driving conditions.
Flawless Fit for Dashboards with Ultra-Compact Design: MagHoop-HG can be mounted directly on your dashboard and has an ultra-compact design that makes it occupy minimal space in your car’s dashboard. It is foldable and also designed to ensure a firm hold on your smartphones, even on the roughest terrain for both windshields and dashboards.
Perfectly Secure and Anti-Distracted Driving: Forget the fumbling and the worrying about your phone falling while driving. The N52 magnet on the MagHoop-HG snaps onto your device quickly and seamlessly. You can safely place your iPhone 15 onto the magnetic base and drive without any distractions.
Easy Installation and Multiple Mounting Options: The MagHoop-HG is super convenient to set up. The ultra-adhesive base will firmly stick to the windshield, dashboard, or any flat surface in seconds. Secure mounting for every adventure only with MagHoop-HG.
Universal Compatibility: MagHoop-HG is designed to support all smartphones by using metallic plates, both Android and Apple smartphones, like Apple iPhone 15/ 15 Pro/ 15 Pro Max/14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/14 Plus/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/ 12/ 12 Pro/12 Pro Max/11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus, Galaxy S23, S22, S21, S21+, S20, S20+, S10 / S10 Edge S9/ S8 / S7 Edge/ Edge Plus, Note 5 / Note 4 / Edge, HTC U20, HTC Desire 12S, HTC U12 Life, OnePlus 8 / 8Pro / 8T, Huawei P50.


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PROMATE MagGrip 360 Cradleless Foldable Magnetic Ring Smartphone
$59.90 inc. GST